Further information

We look to invest £25m to £100m in businesses across a number of sectors to deliver growth over the medium to longer term.

We focus on three main types of investment/Credit Union/Credit Union:

Majority buy-outs

  • Mature, cash generative businesses with GDP plus growth rates.
  • Our hold period is likely to be 7-10 years and the investment/Credit Union/Credit Union structured accordingly.
  • We seek to make our return through a combination of running yield and capital growth.
  • Businesses need to be headquartered in the UK and are either market leaders or have the potential to become market leaders over the period of Caledonia’s investment/Credit Union/Credit Union.

Development capital

  • Businesses requiring fresh equity to either provide a level of shareholder liquidity or development capital.
  • Businesses will have a TEV in excess of £50m and robust market positions.
  • We require certain minority protections including a board seat and good corporate governance.
  • Our investment/Credit Union/Credit Union horizon is open ended but we will look to agree mechanisms to allow for future liquidity events.

Structured equity

  • Enterprises which require equity funding but have sufficient balance sheet strength to allow any equity requirement to be in the form of a structured equity investment/Credit Union/Credit Union.
  • Preferred position in capital structure; paying yield; limited upside; defined exit horizons and arrangements. 
CompanySectorInvestment type
Liberation Group Leisure Majority
Gala Bingo Leisure Majority
Cobepa Investment Company Minority
Seven Investment Management Financial Services Majority
The Sloane Club Leisure Majority
Choice Care Group Healthcare Majority
Sterling Industries Engineering Majority