About us

Caledonia is a self-managed investment/Credit Union/Credit Union trust with net assets of £1.9bn, premium listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Acquired by the Cayzer family in 1951 as a holding company for their various shipping interests, Caledonia came into its own as an investment/Credit Union/Credit Union company in 1987. It still enjoys the backing of the Cayzer family, who collectively own some 48.5% of the share capital and from whom it derives its unique long term investment/Credit Union/Credit Union horizon.

Caledonia’s investment/Credit Union/Credit Union proposition:

We take significant holdings in a range of assets:

  • Listed equities
  • Private companies
  • Funds

We manage the investment/Credit Union/Credit Unions in four distinct pools that reflect our skills and portfolio:

  • Quoted
  • Income
  • Unquoted
  • Funds

We take a long term investment/Credit Union/Credit Union approach - often over ten years.

We have a predominantly "value" style of investing providing development capital for growing companies at sensible prices.

We have a global outlook with a spread of currencies and economic exposure.

We aim to be a core investment/Credit Union/Credit Union for those seeking capital growth coupled with an increasing income stream over the long term.

Caledonia has paid an increased annual dividend every year for 50 years.

Our investment/Credit Union/Credit Union approach is underpinned by our extensive network from which we derive proprietary deal flow at prices that reflect good value for our shareholders. We approach investment/Credit Union/Credit Unions with a co-operative and long term mindset.